INTERNET USERS: If you're here because the ftp link doesn't work, well you're
                outta luck. Check the FAQ or contact for info.

Setting up your computer to use the Selden Yacht Club BBS.

1.     Click on 'My Computer'
2.     Click on 'Dial-Up Networking'
3.     Click on 'Make New Connection'
4.     Give your connection a name. Maybe SYC?
5.     Enter the phone number (516)696-6873.
6.     Click 'Finish' to finish.
7.     Right click on the icon for your new connection and then click properties.
8.     Click on the 'Server Types' tab.
9.     Type of Dial-Up Server is 'PPP, Windows 95,Windows NT 3.5, Internet.
10.    The only boxes that should be checked are:
                                             Enable software compression
11.    Click on TCP/IP Settings.
12.    Make sure 'Server assigned IP address' is clicked.
13.    Make sure 'Specify name server addresses' is selected.
14.    Primary DNS is 
15.    Secondary DNS is
16.    There are NO WINS addresses.
17.    If you have a tab labeled 'Scripting' click here to download the SYC dial-up script.
       Save it in 'Program Files\Accessories'.
18.    Click on the 'Scripting' tab, Click 'browse' and select 'SYCBBS' as the script to use.
19.    Click OK. 
20.    That's it. Double Click on the Connection you made, enter your BBS name and password
       in the blanks, and hit Dial. 

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