The Selden Yacht Club FAQ

Welcome to the Selden Yacht Club!

We are an open system, as long as you follow the rules in set out in System Standards. 'Nuff said.

We offer the following services to our users.

Internet Access:

Internet access is available from SYC. Click here for detailed Win95 setup instructions.

Internet E-mail address:

Registered users get an e-mail address that is their login name ( It can be accessed via POP3 or mail can be forwarded into your BBS account.

POP3 Server Name:
SMTP Server:         
Free BBS:

The Selden Yacht Club BBS is available on the internet and from our dial up lines. Just click here and login as 'new'. Read the bulletins and check the file areas. Play TradeWars 2002 and leave us a comment from the main menu. For your viewing pleasure, we recommend Anzio as your telnet client. Click here or here (local) to download Anzio32 for Win95.

Free FTP and BBS Files areas:

The BBS has many file areas all available over the Internet. You will need a telnet client that supports ZMODEM. Anzio's telnet program fits the bill nicely. See above for links to Anzio's homepage. The FTP site is only available for users coming in on our dial-up lines.

Local Kali server:

We have a Kali server running locally, supporting the newer versions of Kali. You can also play games on the internet while using our server. NOTE: You must set your proxy to 'KPROXY" with the address of when using our dial up lines. This is set in 'FILE|SETTINGS|PROXY' while running Kali95.

Internet News Server:

We have an internet news server set up at It is NOT a full newsfeed, the groups we currently subscribe to are here and the total list is available in the Internet news section of the BBS. This link is also unavailable to internet users and can only be used by local users.

Local Message Base:

We have a local message base available inside the BBS. Register now!

Local Chat via IRC:

We use a standard IRC server for our local chat, permitting the use of many different clients by the users. Again, this can only be accessed by local users. Local users join channel #chat on, port 6668.

Questions? Comments? E-mail